About Busy with AI

As a tech enthusiast that got hooked into the AI-scene, I started my journey of creating Busy with AI. My goal? To create a platform that bridges the gap between technies and non-techies when it comes to using and understanding AI tools. My plan was to create a platform that would provide value to both groups, while also be a good learning experience for myself.

What is Busy with AI?

At the core, Busy with AI is an aggregrator of AI tools with as primary focus to streamline the discovery of AI tools in a way that caters to the requirements of each user.

What makes Busy with AI different?

I've tried my best to make the platform as easy-to-use as possible. Some of the things I built to accomplish this are:

  • Designed a sleek, mostly accessible, and simple interface
  • An AI-powered search feature that compares the user's query to the tool's description
  • Tool competitors are shown to the user to help them make a decision

I still have a lot of ideas to further improve the platform, which are coming soon!

What's next?

The current roadmap for Busy with AI is as follows:

  • Aggregrate more tools
  • Add more categories, tags, and jobs
  • Developing an AI Toolbelt for users to save & share their favorite tools
  • Developing micro tools to help users with their AI journey
  • Creating a community for users to share their experiences with AI tools
  • Creating a prompt library where users can share, find, test, and discuss prompts for ChatGPT, Claude, and other models.

What challenges did I face?

The most complex challenge was dealing with the aggregation and content creation for thousands of tools. However, after a lot of research and testing, I was able to automate large parts of the process. I'm still working on improving the process, but I'm happy with the current results.

The workflow involves web scraping, content summarization, tag matching, and more. I'm planning to write a blog post about the process.

What's the tech stack?

The platform is built with Next.js (React), TailwindCSS and ShadCN UI.

For the database, I'm using Supabase, which is an open-source alternative to Firebase and Vercel for hosting.

The search, tag matching, tool competitor matching, and other AI-powered features are self-built using OpenAI's ADA and GPT-4 model.


In short, Busy with AI is the guide to AI, with AI. It's a platform that helps you find the right AI tools for your needs, while also helping your understand the tools better.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you'll enjoy using Busy with AI! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on X / Twitter.

Me, Mart Pijnen - the creator of Busy with AI