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v1.1 - Introducing GPTs, Plugins, Creators, and Apps

November 28, 2023

Introducing GPTs, Plugins, Creator and App Profiles

Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy developing a new section of Busy with AI. This entire section is dedicated to ChatGPTs and TypingMind Plugins.

GPT and Plugin Library

Alongside AI products, you can now also find GPTs and Plugins on Busy with AI. You can find them in the new GPT Library for ChatGPT and Plugin Library for TypingMind.

Example of a GPT Page

Don't know what a GPT is?

A GPT is a new concept by OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. In short it's an extended version of ChatGPT that is trained on a specific topic. You can use a GPT to for example; generate images, scrape websites, write code, understand Gen Z slang, and much more.

A plugin is almost the same as a GPT but it does not include a system prompt. Plugins are used to extend functionality by function calling, essentially the same thing as calling an API.

Creator and App Profiles

Alongside the new GPT and Plugin Library, you can now also find Creator and App Profiles. These profiles are currently in beta and more profiles will be added, with potentially an open program for creators to create their own profiles.

App Profiles

Currently there are only two apps supported, ChatGPT and TypingMind. App profiles include information about the app, the compatible GPTs or Plugins, and creators building on the app.

ChatGPT's App Page

Creator Profiles

Creator profiles are still in beta, I am working on a way to aggregrate popular creators. In the future creators will be able to create their own profiles and add their own GPTs and Plugins to their profile. Similar to app profiles, creator profiles include information about the creator, the GPTs and/or Plugins they have created, and the apps they are building on.

talktweak's Creator Profile View talktweak's profile for an example.

Header Redesign

The header has been redesigned to be more compact and to include both the GPT and Plugin Library, with each having their own mega menu.

New Header Design

What's Next?

I am currently working on adding an automated way for you to add your own GPTs and Plugins to Busy with AI. Alongside this I am also working on improving the mobile experience. Current ideas include a mobile menu, new mobile header, and better search functionality.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you'll enjoy using Busy with AI! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on X / Twitter.


v1.0 - Introducing Busy with AI

October 30, 2023

Introducing Busy with AI - A new way into AI

I'm excited to announce the launch of! As an tech and AI enthusiast, I've always wanted to build a platform that can help people to learn new and innovative technologies. A while after I gave up on my idea to build an informative crypto platform, the AI boom happened. The perfect opportunity to repurpose my old idea for crypto into a new one for AI.

Homepage of Busy with AI

What is Busy with AI?

Busy with AI is an AI aggregrator and discovery platform. At the moment, it's a simple website that aggegrates AI products, tools, services, etc and showcases them in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Some of the features

  • Search for AIs by relativity, popularity, and more.
  • Like AIs you enjoy using.
  • Find alternatives to AI products.
  • And ofcourse to discover new AI products.

With more features coming shortly.

What's next?

Some of the features I am already working on are:

  • Plugin library - A library of plugins for AI chat interfaces such as ChatGPT and TypingMind.
  • Model library - A library of AI models that can be compared and/or tested.
  • Accounts - User accounts where they can save their liked AIs, UI preferences, prompts, models, plugins, etc.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you'll enjoy using Busy with AI! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on X / Twitter.