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Plugin information

SEOPlus is a plugin designed for professionals who aim to enhance their SEO workflow by integrating it with ChatGPT's capabilities. It promises to streamline the process of generating high-quality SEO keywords, potentially replacing established tools in the market. The plugin is built to work with ChatGPT, allowing users to transform ideas into keywords, and then into articles that drive traffic.

Key features

  • AI-assisted keyword generation: SEOPlus provides a way to quickly move from a concept to relevant keywords and then to content creation.
  • Cost savings: It claims to offer significant savings on SEO tool subscriptions and ChatGPT+ services.
  • Local instance running: For enhanced security, SEOPlus can be run on a fully local setup.
  • Comprehensive package: The plugin comes with a range of keyword lookups, future updates at no extra cost, and detailed documentation.
  • Support and community: Users receive personal support and membership to an exclusive club offering updates and discounts on future plugins.
  • Additional resources: Premium tiers include extra SEO characters, prompts, and chat examples tailored to specific use cases.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements for SEOPlus are minimal, with the main necessity being a TypingMind License, which is optional during the beta phase. The plugin is designed for ease of setup and long-term use, although it should be noted that the SEO keyword credits are valid for one year due to restrictions from a data provider. After this period, or upon depletion of credits, users can purchase additional credits at a discounted rate.

SEOPlus positions itself as a cost-effective alternative to traditional SEO tools, with an emphasis on the integration of AI and SEO. It acknowledges a slight trade-off in data quality compared to competitors but emphasizes its ease of use and creative potential for businesses. The plugin package is presented as comprehensive, with the promise of a quick return on investment.

It's important to note that the information provided does not include any pricing details or technical specifications beyond what is required for use. The product's website emphasizes the value and potential savings that SEOPlus offers, along with the promise of ongoing support and updates.

Use case examples

Not sure how to implement the SEOPlus plugin in your AI-workflow? Here are a few examples of potential use cases.


Implementing an SEO strategy for a blog or website. The plugin can analyze keywords, suggest content optimizations, and track competitor strategies.


Generating ideas for blog posts based on trending topics. The plugin can suggest headlines and create outlines for posts.

Social Media

Planning a social media campaign. The plugin can generate post ideas, optimal posting times, and analyze audience engagement.


Crafting persuasive product descriptions for e-commerce platforms. The plugin can analyze top-performing product pages and identify key persuasive language.

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