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Created by talktweak for TypingMind.

Plugin information

The talktweak Wikipedia plugin is a tool designed to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT. It allows ChatGPT to access Wikipedia articles directly. Users simply provide a Wikipedia URL, and the plugin enables ChatGPT to retrieve information autonomously. This connection is made possible through the open Wikipedia API.

Key features

  1. Direct access to Wikipedia articles for ChatGPT.
  2. Utilizes the open Wikipedia API.
  3. Designed to be fast and reliable.
  4. Suitable for research and writing tasks.

The plugin is noted for its ease of use, coming with basic installation instructions. It is also highlighted for its reliability and speed, which are crucial for efficient research and writing processes.

Technical requirements

  1. JavaScript must be enabled in the browser to purchase and use the plugin.
  2. Compatibility with ChatGPT's system.

The plugin has received positive feedback, as indicated by its high rating. Users have found it to be a valuable addition to their toolkit, especially when engaging in tasks that require quick and accurate information retrieval from Wikipedia.


  1. The plugin is offered at a flexible price point, allowing users to name a fair price.
  2. It is marked as 'InStock', suggesting immediate availability upon purchase.

In summary, the talktweak Wikipedia plugin is a practical solution for those looking to integrate Wikipedia's vast knowledge base with ChatGPT's conversational abilities. It is appreciated for its functionality, speed, and the freedom it offers users to set their own price.

Use case examples

Not sure how to implement the Wikipedia Plugin plugin in your AI-workflow? Here are a few examples of potential use cases.


Researching a complicated political issue to write a nuanced article or opinion piece. The plugin can provide summaries from various viewpoints and help fact-check claims.


Writing a literature review for a research paper and needing to summarize and compare findings across many studies on a topic. The plugin can read and analyze multiple papers quickly.

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